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Date : 2019-12-30 08:29:20
How to earn money from web development?

Web development is the back end of a website where visitors are created to make adjustments between pages and programs. And the web developer is the person who makes the website useful to visitors. A good developer knows how to make a website work. But the interesting thing is that you would not find a web designer who has no idea about JavaScript, PHP and HTML. Now you would not find any web developer who has no idea about web design. Database: How to connect a database with PHP, to build a database using SQL, that is, to know the database design because now there is a database of any dynamic site or you can tell if there is a database. Any one of PHP frameworks like Codeigniter: There are more cakes like PHP, Zend Framework, Symphony, Wii II, Kohana, etc. You can build a web application without any framework, but it will take longer and more code is required.

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