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Date : 2019-11-27 08:35:18
Data recovery tool from scratch CD/DVD

Many of us store data by burning CDs or DVDs as the primary choice for data storage in an efficient way. It was not supposed to be a problem, but there is no shortage of problems around us so a scratch can be found on your CD / DVD. You may lose some of your important data or thoughts, if that is the video of your wedding. So in Calafate. I did not say or regret the storm of regret and the storm of the bride.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many of you may think that physically dimmed parts may be recovered. This is not true. The thing is, all these minor damages can cause the entire disc to become unreadable. That doesn't mean your entire disk is wasted. You may have a lot of data e-readable on the disk that has been corrupted due to physical damage. This is the tool to recover all those data.

Many of you may know some strange methods of data recovery from scratch to CD / DVD. Examples: Toothpaste rub, banana husk rub, candle, how many hijabi. Which seems to me to be very annoying. Let me point out to you the two tools I like the most -

1. Roadkill Unstable Copier:
A very small tool and its work is very simple. It can recover data from any type of damaged disk. This causes your scratch-wearing part to be rebuilt at the same time as the error data and all data that is still readable. And if you do not want the dmazed parts, this tool will give you the option to skip the part. There are also pause and resume options in the recovery process. But the thing is, it's just a Windows platform tool.
Download Roadkil

2. CD Recovery Toolbox:
This is a more advanced tool. It can recover data from CDs and DVDs as well as HD DVDs, Blu-ray discs. It can also recover data from Physical Damage and other types of error readings.
Download CD Recovery Toolbox

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