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An Internet connection from mobile to computer with a USB cable

Date : 2020-01-11 22:47:32
An Internet connection from mobile to computer with a USB cable

If you do not know this trick, check it out now. Hopefully, 5% will work. Because I use the Internet on my own from my Android phone to the computer.

Many of us need to connect to the Internet from mobile to computer. Although wifi hotspot is a good way to connect the internet to a computer with an Android mobile, it only applies to laptops. It is not possible to use wifi on a computer or PC. The alternative is to connect the Internet with a USB cable. This means that the Internet can be easily accessed via USB cable. If your Android mobile Internet speed is fast then you can get faster internet speed by connecting a USB cable to a computer or PC. You do not need to use a new modem. Moreover, the cost of purchasing a modem will also be saved. Now let's know how to connect the USB cable to the mobile computer.

Rules for using a USB cable to connect the internet to mobile

Usually, those of you who use Android mobile, hopefully, all of you got a data cable charger when buying an Android mobile. This data cable is your USB cable. Let's now know how to use the Internet connection USB cable from mobile to computer.

First, connect your USB cable to the mobile. Just like how you pay on mobile charges. Then connect the head of the thick flat USB cable to the USB port on your computer. You will see two USB ports at the front of your computer's CPU. Connect to anyone. Then go to Settings on mobile. You can see more options by going to Settings. Click on the More option, then you will see USB tethering. Turn on USB tethering. (Settings> More> USB tethering)

Internet connection from mobile to computer has become. Now use the Internet as you wish. And one more thing, do not forget to make a net connection on your mobile.

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