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What is SSL key?

Date : 2020-01-13 09:30:42
What is SSL key?

Short version of Secure Sockets Layer. SSL technology is primarily developed by Netscape. SSL is created for the exchange of private documents via the Internet. All popular web browsers support SSL, and the use of SSL for protecting personal information (such as credit card information, passwords) is now very popular.

SSL is essentially an encrypted connection between the web server (host) and the web browser (user). As a result, when you are connected to a web server, no third person will be able to understand your activities. That's why SSL plays a huge role for our security.

How SSL works:

1. When a browser wants to connect to a web server with SSL certificate, the browser first provides its identity to the web server.
2. The web server then sends its web certificate to the browser.
3. Then the browser checks whether the web server is tr
4. Then the browser and the web server show digital encrypted data.
5. This connection only displays the data between the web browser and the web server itself trustfully and the data secured by the browser web server is secured.usted and sends a message to the web server.

How To Recognize SSL Certificate Enables Web Site: The URL starts with the SSL enable site https (not http). Therefore, when you look at a web site with https you will understand that the site is SSL certified. The last S actually means that the server is Secure.

Advantages of having SSL Certificate: There are many benefits to having SSL on your web site. As- There is no fear of providing personal information:

Since you have to enter sensitive / personal information such as credit card, user name, password on the website and this information goes to your recipient across multiple PCs, if a hacker gets in there, your valuable information or bank details can be passed to them. In that case, SSL Certificate Enables will only show you and the recipient information encrypted on the Internet when exchanging your information through a website. The rest have no chance of being caught.

Increase SSL trust:

SSL provides a green signal at the beginning of the website that sends a security message to the visitor. Also, SSL Enables cannot access any of your or your visitor's information through phishing attacks on the web site. Because of this it builds the trust of the visitor to your website.

Unrecognized Brand Promot:
As SSL increases visitor trust, your brand will automatically attract visitors. Information technology experts believe SSL acts as an undisclosed brand promotion of a digital company.
How SSL is useful for SEO:

SSL ensures the security between your web site and the user. On the other hand, Google likes Secure Sites. That's why the Google SecureDev rankings give importance to the rankings or give more importance in the future, Google officially announced.

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